Joy Bath, Body and Massage Oil - Nature's Wish

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This uplifting blend of Bergamot, Lemon, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang and Rose Geranium combined with Nature's Wish's Joy flower essence helps to bring light and joy into our soul.

Joy is a wonderful way to help start your day after a shower, in the bath at the end of a long day or as a relaxing massage. The blend of oils that make up Joy are superbly enriching for your skin, each one selected for its own lovely qualities.

Grapeseed Oil contains Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and is highly moisturising. Vitamin E helps to repair and improve the appearance of skin, working as an anti-inflammatory and hydrating the skin.

Avocado Oil is rich in vitamins and especially Vitamin D, it spreads well on the skin and is great for mature skin and dry skin. Thistle Oil is a rich source of essential fatty acid providing Essential Fatty Acids (omega 3 and 6) as they make up 80% of the oil content. Thistle oil is particularly high in omega 6.

Sunflower Oil is high in linoleic acid - omega 6 essential fatty acid. It also spreads well on the skin and is absorbed easily.

Castor Oil has a high fat content which slows down the rate of absorbtion in the skin, so blended with the other oils it creates just enough slip to the oil so that it is not all absorbed too quickly into the skin, but also so that it doesn't stay on the skin leaving you feeling too oily.